Masayu Anastasia Wish Child

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Actress Popular Indonesian. Jakarta - After opening become the Cow wife' Clubeighties', Masayu confess very happy with the its his new life. This recently married even also planing wish immediately own to look-after child " I am of equal Cow wish in short order have the child. Its problem is we that both is both of the same like the moppet, become just like exclaim if having child," express the Masayu moment met in studio TPI, Maisonette Gede, Jakarta East, Monday ( 21/7/2008 .

But, so far Masayu and Cow not yet been thought up to follow the special programme to quickly pregnancy " I wish of natural. Become not yet checked to doctor, still the effort by xself first," say the former that girlfriend Jonathan Fritzy. Masayu say the nuptials make its life is complete progressively and more chromatic " I really enjoying is my life is present. My in essence is happy, I have of like this non-stoped," say her.(one)

Dewi Yull Can Song From Dorce

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Actress Popular Indonesian. Jakarta - Goddess Yull get the song created by Dorce Gamalama depicting life experience of is former that wife Ray Sahetapy. Start from story love the, ducky, till Goddess surrenderness to God "This Story is my life transportation;journey during the time. If Memory song Love that hit the Cirebon and Jakarta. Song Enough that converse about surrenderness to God which The most Know. And Award song converse about most making child is I weep the," word of moment Goddess met in event of anniversary Dorce in Mosque Al-Hayyu, Self-Supporting Road;Street of Tough Gangway of RT I / rw III of Bamboo Apus, Jakarta East.

Goddess Love of art make the that four child mother wrestle to draw the voice. For Goddess, singing as its pulse " If singing for me like art of kindness mind, can access the us. Altogether artistic in character and part of my pulse, non to get the popularitas. I sing for the sake of people of a lot of," he said In one of its song, Dorce of Story of Goddess lovestory by Ray is Sahetapy " All song in creation of all musicians will not far from love. Its theme surely love and altogether surely experience of," explicitly its his. (one).