Titi Kamal, Had Hairless Seven Times

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Actress Popular. Jakarta - Whom estimate the, famous Titi Kamal with the black hair of length have been balded till seven times " I have hairless seven times small time. Its target, so that grow on the strong hair. Its effect until now, my hair is strong. First, I have brought suit the hair, me winning," express Titi in Garden Menteng, Jakarta Center the, Friday ( 16/5/2008) this Lover Christian Sugiono is proud it is true with the beauty of its hair. She several times become the model of hair product.

" Since my junior high school have taken care of the hair of because mirroring woman crown. My hair very bringing of benediction and have become the trademark. Hair is biggest award. With supported by the beauty of hair will conducive to the copious portion," he said.

Don't surprise if film star DO (Drop Out) is very take care of the its beautiful hair " First I think to wear the just shampoo enough. Since wear the vitamin, hair become to more and more the terawat. Important hair make the woman, can add the beautiful aura. And long hair of like this me a lot of wishing lho,"she said smiledly is proud." (one)

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