Ina Eks Dewi-Dewi, Hobby of Desain Clothes

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Actress Popular Indonesian. Jakarta - After retiring from grup vowel lobing its name that is Goddess Goddess, Ina have the new activity. She start to elaborate its hobby is mendesain clothes "I hobby of mendesain of clothes and paint.

Become, this time I more make self business with the that two matter. But, what most often that is mendesain clothes,"say the Ina moment met in number of Jakarta of South arch some times then To run its hobby this, Ina is not reluctant visit upon the traditional market for the shake of searching substance required "After finishing to make the desain, I direct to market to look for the substance and cloth for the desainku of that. Usually, I by self to market by joining with others publik transport," he said Merely known the, Formal Ina retire from Goddess Goddess of since last 1 June. But, Ina still merge into the management of Love Republic which also represent the management of Goddess Goddess. ( one)

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